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Is Cash For Not Cruising BS?

Wow! It has come to this for the Full Moon Cruise in Carbondale. Allegedly the Carbondale Police have put out a flyer around town that states “The Carbondale Police Department would like to offer you $4 to NOT Participate in The Full Moon Cruiser bike ride, it is out of control! Please see police officers and department for details.”

So the people of Carbondale that pay taxes are flipping the bill to pay $4 to each person to not ride on the cruise. Yet, the majority of people riding in the FMC are from Carbondale. One word ridiculous! So the tradition that has been around as long as I have been riding my beautiful bike is going to be squashed by a four dollar payoff from the cops? I wouldn’t take four hundred dollars from them just on the principle. All these events that make Carbondale great place to hang out and with our friends. To take away the FMC would be a straight up crime. Don’t turn Carbondale in to the next Aspen.  Click here to see a video of the August Full Moon Cruise.

My thoughts are that the cops didn’t create this flyer. I think someone who has a stick shoved directly up their @$$ created this to detour others from coming to the full moon cruise. We hurt no one, all you can see from the front to the back is people having a great time with friends, family and neighbors. If you can’t handle the music wait a minute and we’re gone. It’s a cruise we’re not hanging out in front of your house. This is a once a month event and the peak season is the summer. So please let’s not ruin an awesome tradition because you don’t like loud music or bright lights. People with bumpin’ music systems drive by in their cars much more then we ride by on our bikes. P.S. If this is a promotional stunt and you’d like to promote other worthwhile causes email me at info@roaringfork.bz.

Five things I would spend with the four dollars the cops gave me.
05. Spare Bicycle Inner Tube
04. Neon Lights
03. Gatorade
02. Flyers For The FMC
01. Two PBR Tall Cans  For The FMC
Keep it Real People The FMC Ain’t A Bad Thing!